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5/12/06 7:00 pm Mike’s daily routine – for now…

Mike is settled in at Marianjoy, and it is exciting getting used to the new routines. He has various therapy sessions throughout the day up until 4:00 pm, which sessions total 3 hours a day in 30 minutes segments. One hour is devoted to occupational therapy where they seem to focus on small motor skills, asking Mike to lift fingers, for example. One hour is devoted to physical therapy, where they get him out of his chair and move his limbs and head. Finally, one hour is devoted to speech therapy/pathology, where they gauge his response to different sensory stimuli against his skin like soft and hard brushes or ice. They also use auditory stimulus such as bells, clapping, clicking. They are trying to also create a swallowing response by using a cold spoon against his lip.Mike is dressed and in a wheelchair throughout the day, and it is such a change to witness the transformation even at this early stage.

Medically, he is collecting fluid in his lungs again, necessitating the use of antibiotics. They are planning on using a small beginning dose of a medicine meant to increase alertness, which is typically used with Parkinson’s patients. He was very sleepy right after the transfer and for the first 2 days of therapy. As the week has progressed he is becoming more alert when they are working with him.

Mike is in a room of his own. Visitors are welcome between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm every day of the week and all day on Sunday. Marianjoy allows up to 2 people in his room at once, and they don’t see any reason to limit how often he receives visitors at this time. If he becomes stressed, this may be adjusted later. Visitors can spend time in his room or in the dining hall or lounge area if visitors have children accompanying them. (Children under 6 are not permitted in the patient’s rooms – even children of patients!).

Mike has nodded his head to agree to look at pictures and seems to enjoy this. (Feel free to bring in any old photos you think he might like). He has a CD player in a top dresser drawer that is for him to use with company. We do not want to leave him stuck with headphones on unattended. Sometimes I spend time reading a book aloud but honestly I can’t tell whether he enjoys it or not. You can also just talk to Mike about what you’ve been up to these days. We want to encourage visits but also realize it can be awkward to know how to spend the time. If these suggestions help, then great. (If not, please visit anyway!)

The staff at Marianjoy has been open, encouraging, and compassionate, and we are so hopeful for what God will do through Mike’s time there.

Habakkuk 1:5

"Look at the nations and watch–and be utterly amazed.

For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told. "

May God continue to amaze us through Mike. Keep praying!

 – Michelle

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