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5/9/06 10:00 pm — Mike is now at Marianjoy !

Mike is now settled in at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton.  We are extremely thankful and excited about this for many reasons.  Not only is Marianjoy regarded as one of the best possible treatment options for Mike, but it is relatively close to Mike's and Michelle's home, and to their dear friends in the Naperville area.

Prayer, of course, remains of critical importance.  Although Mike is out of the ICU and, we may hope, entering into uninterrupted rehabilitative care, we cannot forget that progress will, for awhile, be measured in small movements — the likes of which we coordinate throughout our daily activities without reflection and perhaps (Lord, forgive us) without appreciation.  This really is "just beginning" for Mike, and he will need us now, as much as ever. 

We will soon know more about the plan of treatment, and about Mike's doctors' preferences concerning visits at this stage of treatment.  We will post the specifics when we get them.  Whether immediately or eventually, it is certain that Mike will need to have consistent contact with family and friends, and that means visitors — and that means you!  (assuming you're in the area).  Being very serious here: Mike needs you.  Family cannot be there all the time, and we're talkng about a guy whose normal days were very busy with talking to a great many people.  Visiting hours are going to become an important part of Mike's treatment.  We know you'll be there for him.  (Thanks.)

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