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4/19/06 4:00 pm

Mike's consistency appears to be improving a bit.  Today he has squeezed and released his hands on request.  He is also showing some tracking with his eyes, some of which may be visual tracking (as opposed to auditory).  Mike has had his eyes open many times today, I was told.

The other day, Mike's left eye showed responsiveness to light by contraction of his pupil.  You may remember that Mike's left eye has been dilated and non-responsive to light since the onset of his injury.  Today, his left eye was non-responsive to light, and it is again dilated, but it is exciting to see that his left eye function may be returning.  So, remember Mike's eyes in your prayer.

Now, here is some (more) good news:  Last night, Mike's nurse asked him to squeeze her hand when she said the name of his wife.  After listening to some randomly-chosen other names, Mike squeezed her hand at upon hearing Michelle's name.  In the same manner, he also indicated his recognition of McKaela's and Eli's names.

(It should probably be said that memory loss has NOT been anticipated to be a problem for Mike, but it is certainly good to have some confirmation that he knows us, and recognizes our voices as we encourage and reassure him.)

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