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4/15/06 6:00 pm

Mike had a great day.  On request, he was able to squeeze both his right and left hands.  (He appears to be doing better with his right hand, showing better consistency.) 

Mike also surprised his nurse and his dad this morning by shaking his head, "no," in response to being asked if he wanted to listen to a particular music CD.  This head motion came in response to the verbal question alone, without other prompting.  (He was not asked to shake his head.)  In addition, this response was given twice to the same question, asked at two different times, separated by some other questions designed to prompt a nod, "yes" (which he did not show). 

We've been told previously that something new in the way of responsiveness is always good.  This response was certainly new, not only as a type of motion, but also in the sense that it represented an expression of preference, and not mere compliance with a request.  (We like those too, but this may suggest a bit more than that.)  The fact that he made the same response on two separate occasions also provides a clear answer to another question, telling us plainly that Mike does NOT like the UD Flyer Band's basketball music CD. 

This is very exciting and encouraging.  Mike's nurse stated "I almost fell over when I saw it."  (Those are medical terms.)

It's a joy to share this with everyone.  Thanks for looking in on Mike.  Happy Easter.

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