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4/14/06, 1:00 pm

Mike's heart rate is back down to normal, and all of the tests have come back normal, so that is very good.  It appears that he may have simply been uncomfortable, and the nurses were able to resolve the issue.

It is also good to note that Mike has been sporadically showing two fingers on request, and also thumb movement on request, during the same evaluation.  So, it appears he is able to differentiate and that the movements are purposeful and not mere reflex actions.

Mike may be ready for a transfer early next week if a Monday-morning CT scan shows that fluid levels have not increased.  Seeing Mike moved to a rehab facility and into a coma stimulation program, as soon as possible, is probably the most important thing we can pray for at this time — and for all the things which will clear the way for that transfer.  More responsiveness and greater consistency in his responsiveness, too, are primary concerns, of course.

Sorry for the delay with yesterday's update.  (The site would not permit the update for some reason.)  

We wish all of you a safe and joyful Easter holiday.  We know you will be lifting Mike and Michelle up.  A dear friend of Mike recently emailed a message that I wanted to share:

It's no accident that this week in particular we celebrate the miracle of life and its victory over death and darkness. God introduced man in a garden and reintroduced him, fully free of the first man's bondage, in another garden. God is in the redeeming business, and the tomb is behind us. All of us.


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4/13/06, 9:40 a.m.

Just a short note to everyone. Mike’s CT scan looked better yesterday than Monday, so no surgery is planned. Mike is completely off of the ventilator now, so that is wonderful. Something to pray about: Mike’s heart rate is elevated, and it is unclear why this is so. A number of tests are being run, but results will take at least 24 hours.

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