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4/10/06, 5:30 pm

Well, Mike is keeping us all on our toes, as usual.  A CT scan today revealed that fluid build-up has dissipated significantly over the last few days, and that surgery to relieve the build-up is not now necessary.  (It would seem that prayer that the surgery go well has produced an even better result.) 

Late this week, the situation will be re-evaluated, to see if surgical intervention will be necessary at all.  If it is not, then there may be nothing which would preclude a transfer to a rehabilitation facility.  Please pray for Mike's neurosurgeons as they make these decisions and make recommendations concerning the facility best-suited for Mike.

Also, Mike continues to do very well with his tests "off the vent," so it may also come to pass that when Mike is released from the ICU, he can go to a facility as a non-vent-dependent patient, which would be very good.  (Specific-prayer suggestion. Thanks.)

Finally, so many of Mike's "extended" family (that means you all) have posted so many beautiful and encouraging words and Scripture verses that I will be occasionally singling some folks out, by copying them to the update posts.  Your expressions of faith and hope, and of love for Mike and Michelle, not only lift them up, but sustain all of us who are in prayer for them.  (And that doesn't mean you can't just drop a note to say that you continue to check on Mike and pray for him.  It's always nice to know how many are keeping him in prayer.)

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