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4/1/06 6:30 pm

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Mike had his best showing of the day, at 6:30 pm.  He showed purposeful response to verbal commands, in his efforts to tighten his grip with his left hand.  He also showed some auditory tracking with his eyes, and he responded to touch by reaching toward the sensation with his right hand (which is better than simpler avoidance-type motions).  He was not able to show two fingers, but it appeared that he was trying to do so. 

This was probably Mike's best showing over the last couple days, so it is really great to see.  (And, yes, we did have to yell and carry on a bit, but there's nothing wrong with that!) 

If Mike has more to show later, I'll definitely pass it on.  Thanks for "checking in" on Mike.

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4/1/06 5:30 pm

Mike's condition has remained stable and, for the most part, unchanged throughout the day.  Part of his treatment required the use of a short-term sedative this morning, and Dr. Brayton was not surprised that Mike's responsiveness was off, when he met with Mike this afternoon.  However, Mike's nurse, Angela, commented that she may have seen an effort to show her two fingers around 4:00 pm, so we are hopeful going into this evening that Mike can show us a little more before the day ends.  Please pray that his responses not only strengthen, but that they improve in consistency.

Specific things to pray for could include opening his eyes in response to a verbal request or spontaneously, or any movement of his lips in an effort to speak (the oxygen line would, of course, preclude any audible speech at this time).

I will be with Mike for much of the night, trying to encourage him to really push himself.  Look for another update later tonight!  Pray for exciting news!

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