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March 31, 2006 at 4:59 pm 2 comments

Of course, thanks to everyone for being a part of the prayer vigil for Mike — to all who could commit to a specific time slot, and to all who joined in throughout the day. 

The pressure sensor was removed today, as it had been suggested, and Mike has been holding steadily today.  Mike's occupational therapist was pleased to learn of his responsiveness yesterday, and will be implementing a treatment plan which will help to bring Mike further and further along. 

Sorry there was no late-night update yesterday.  Except, of course, where urgent information prompts an immediate update, we will be moving to a single afternoon update each day.  The benefit of this is that we can get impressions from Mike's treating nurse after that nurse has had the opportunity to work with him for most of her shift.  Previously, there had been two daily updates, but they were being obtained shortly after the shift-changes, which enabled the nurses only to report the details of the previous nurse's notes. 

So, this change could give a more accurate and detailed picture, since we will be able to report more of the actual observations of the nurse we speak to.

We know you'll be continuing to pray with us.  I will see Mike this weekend, and look forward to sharing more, as Mike progresses.

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  • 1. Mike DeBrosse  |  March 31, 2006 at 5:59 pm

    Michelle / Zegarski Family / Everyone,

    I haven’t met most of you, but I wanted to let you know that my family is praying earnestly for this situation.

    Z had a major impact on my life and several of my friends lives back in high school. His impact has/will ripple on to my friends, family & now my wife & children. During his time at Kettering, OH YL he helped shephard many of us into a relationship with God. I / We are forever in debted to the sacrifice Mike gave, in his time building into kids like us.

    I will never forget that 1st day at YL camp – I knew nothing of YL, except the fact that “all the cool kids were going” so I should go too… I first learned what “Z” was all about that day when we walked into our cabin at YL camp and there were 8 beds & 9 guys… I was sure there was going to be “some kind of wrestling match” to see who got the floor… You see, everyone LOVED Z – he was the coolest!!! I’ll never forget what Z did next, he simply took his pillow & blanket and claimed his spot on the floor so the rest of us could have beds. That act of unselfishness has stuck with me ever since… and as the years go by, his example of giving through YL ministry resonates even stronger within me.

    Michelle – your note to everyone was one of the most inspiring notes I’ve ever read. It’s not surprising that God blessed a man like Z with such a woman of faith… May the Lord comfort you.

    Our Lords wonders are being worked within us all, at this very moment – through Z’s example and his recovery!

    -Mike DeBrosse
    Kettering Alter Young Life ’96

  • 2. Gary Olson  |  April 1, 2006 at 8:23 am

    Wow! What a powerful witness this Blog is! I have been truly touched by the expressions of faith and trust expressed here! We at Good Shepherd Lutheran have been steadfastly praying for Mike, Michelle, the kids and all Mike’s family and friends. We will of course include you all in our prayers during worship this weekend. The Gospel from John 12:20-33 echos many of the comments that have been written here…like the “glorify God” comments on the “About” page and Matt Walker’s comments about nothing separating us from the love of God and Michelle’s incredible comments about this event as opportunity to glorify God. What faith! What trust! What eternal perspective! Thank you for your life-transforming stories…lives have been and are being transformed by God through Mike, even now! God’s Blessings and Love, Gary Olson


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