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3/31/06 3:15 pm

Of course, thanks to everyone for being a part of the prayer vigil for Mike — to all who could commit to a specific time slot, and to all who joined in throughout the day. 

The pressure sensor was removed today, as it had been suggested, and Mike has been holding steadily today.  Mike's occupational therapist was pleased to learn of his responsiveness yesterday, and will be implementing a treatment plan which will help to bring Mike further and further along. 

Sorry there was no late-night update yesterday.  Except, of course, where urgent information prompts an immediate update, we will be moving to a single afternoon update each day.  The benefit of this is that we can get impressions from Mike's treating nurse after that nurse has had the opportunity to work with him for most of her shift.  Previously, there had been two daily updates, but they were being obtained shortly after the shift-changes, which enabled the nurses only to report the details of the previous nurse's notes. 

So, this change could give a more accurate and detailed picture, since we will be able to report more of the actual observations of the nurse we speak to.

We know you'll be continuing to pray with us.  I will see Mike this weekend, and look forward to sharing more, as Mike progresses.

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