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3/30/06 2:00 pm

Mike had an exciting morning.  He responded well to verbal commands, and was able to "quite purposefully" show Dr. Brayton (one of Mike's neurosurgeons) two fingers on his right hand.  This is especially pleasing in light of continuing efforts to bring him forward physically, and the stress those efforts can cause.  A drain has been removed which had been in place since Mike's surgery to remove excess fluid build-up in his head.  There is discussion, also, of removing a cranial pressure sensor from Mike's head tomorrow.  Respiratory testing continues, and Mike is doing fine, but the doctors would like to see his numbers improve.  So, pray for pulmonary (lung) function and strength.

Kim, Mike's nurse, commented today that it does appear that Mike responds better to a deeper (perhaps louder) voice at his neurological tests.  (Michelle has always said you have to yell at him to get him to do anything.)

In other news, internal cranial pressure and profusion pressure (like brain blood pressure) are "perfect"  (which is why the drain has been removed and the sensor could be removed soon).

Basically, it looks like Mike is progressing well physically, and that he is (we can now see) holding his ground neurologically, demonstrating again that he can purposefully respond to audible commands.  We're so proud of him!

There is cause to be encouraged and inspired!  The Lord is at work, and He is faithful to his promises.  Matt 18:19.

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