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3/28/06 10:00 p.m.

Mike's nurse has described Mike's condition today as "unchanged," basically.  Mike has not been very active today, relating to his neurological responses.  We have been reminded on numerous occasions by those caring for Mike that this is nothing to be worried about.  Every test (they are conducted hourly) will not necessarily yield a better response than the one before it.  A general upward trend, with more and more consistency is what we need to look for and pray for; and it has been stated that we are seeing this. 

It is good to note that Mike's internal cranial pressure (ICP) has decreased to between 0 and 1.  It had been between 5 and 8 for much of last week.  As a point of reference, the nurses did not want to see that number above 25, and zero is the number we want (that is what is normal for everyone).  So, it is exciting to note that ICP appears to have returned to normal.

It has been mentioned that Mike's latest CT scan showed improvement.  The CT scan provides a number of pictures of the brain, and it is showing that Mike's brain is moving closer to its pre-injury position and shape.  Obviously, that is good. 

The EEG results still need to be explained by a neurologist, so we cannot give any information on that.  

Thanks for signing up for prayer — the list will be updated immediately, so we can see where we are with that.

Looking forward, please watch for 2 updates per day:  late morning, and late evening.  Mike's nurses have requested that this be the pattern of calls to the ICU for information.  However, if we receive information at times from those who are with Mike in his room, important updates may occur at other times as well. 

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Thanks to everyone signed up, and to all who, we know, will be joining in throughout the day to pray for Mike.

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We have received a request from the ICU nurses that no one outside of Mike's family call the the ICU for an update.  Thank you for showing how much we respect and appreciate them, by relying on this site for updates.

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3/28/06 1:00 p.m.

Mike is continuing to show some positive signs of improvement. Although intermittent signs, they're positive. Some of these signs include occasional squeezing of hands, or slight raising of arms or pulling in legs. Mike's doctors continue to be "cautiously optimistic" concerning his progress.

Late last night, Michelle and Mike's evening nurse, Theresa, were with Mike when he opened his eyes twice in response to touch sensations at his chest. The first time, the right eye was fairly wide open, with the left partially open. The second time, they both opened but not as much. We need to be absolutely clear that this should not be mistaken for "waking up," as we use those words. However, these were certainly facial responses to stimuli, and we understand that to be "higher" than, say, arm movement in response to sensation in the arm.

Mike had a CT scan yesterday which showed some improvement. He also had an EEG, but the results are not back yet.

Your prayers are effective, and we have (always) cause for praise. Keep praying for the positive responses we're seeing and for Mike's continued medical stability.

Know that Mike has been told repeatedly to be praying himself. We trust that he understands, and that he is joining us all in prayer. We know, as you do, that our Lord is hearing our call. And what a blessing it is to witness Michelle's faith and strength!

There just aren't words to tell you all everything we want to say, of our gratitude and the blessing you all have been to this entire family, and (we know) to each other. What is clear is that Mike's "family" truly includes all of you.

(Again, please remember that, if you don't see an update, it means Mike is "holding.")

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