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3/26/06 10:00 pm

We are told that Mike has had a more restful day today, after a morning meeting with one of his neurosurgeons at which Mike made an immediate response to a request that he "show us two fingers."  Mike quickly and fully extended the index fingers on both hands. 

One of Mike's surgeons, Dr. Brayton, met with Mike and some family members for some time this morning.  As you might expect, this was a sobering discussion, but he did share with us that he did not expect Mike to have progressed as quickly as he has, following surgery.  Of course, he was also clear about the severity of the injury, but added that the surgical procedure itself went perfectly.  (Not an exact quote, but Mike's surgeon used the word "perfectly" and that is a beautiful word.) 

Relating to Mike's efforts to "track" with his eyes, Dr. Brayton commented that he believes that, for now, Mike is likely tracking sound, and not tracking objects in his field of vision.  (Something specific to continue to pray about.)

Mike may undergo a CT scan tomorrow, and maybe some other testing as well. 

Mike's brothers had to travel with their families back to their homes today, in order to return to work, and with hopes of returning next weekend.  Related to that, if information on the site slows, or is less specific at times, please don't take that to be meaningful in and of itself.  As you know, the site's primary purpose is to equip everyone who wishes to pray for Mike's recovery, and we will get out information to serve that purpose, and to encourage all. 

Finally, many have requested to know how they can make a contribution to assist Mike and Michelle with expenses associated with Mike's surgery, ongoing medical care, and related matters.  These issues are being attended to, and information will be posted in the coming days.

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3/26/06 2:39 am

Mike is working very hard, and he continues to strive to respond to verbal commands.  Upon a verbal request, he has been able to tighten his grip on another's hand.  His right hand grip response to that request has been a bit more consistent and a bit stronger than his left.  Mike has also shown that he has regained some ability to move his eyes, left and right, and in correct response to a specific verbal direction that he look one way or another.  We have so much to be thankful for, and to keep praying for.  It is very late, but I wanted everyone to have this information available before Sunday worship services.  These things have been wonderful to witness today, and I know that it will be exciting news to share.  May God bless you all for your fervent prayer, without which this progress simply could not be happening.  

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