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3.23.06, 10 p.m.

New post received from Mike's family. . . 

Loved Ones and Friends,

In the morning, while at home, on Tuesday, March 21st, Mike suffered a hemorrhage in the left side of his brain, in the temporal lobe (near his left temple). The hemorrhaging occurred at the site of an AVM (arterio-venous malformation) which had been discovered several months ago, following a CT scan made necessary when Mike suffered a concussion playing flag football. (The AVM was not caused by the concussion. The AVM is congenital in nature, and had been present for years – often AVM’s do not cause any problems for those who have them, and they are often never diagnosed at all.)

We may all be thankful that Mike was home with Michelle, and that he was able to be immediately transported to a hospital just a mile from his home, where emergency surgery was performed to relieve his brain of the pressure brought on by the bleeding, to remove a blood clot, and to stop further bleeding. The surgery was completed in about three hours, and Mike’s neurosurgeons commented that the procedure went better than anyone could have expected.

Mike is being watched closely, and he is now in intensive care. He is stable, but he is presently in a comatose condition. Mike has not regained consciousness since the onset of the hemorrhage at his home. He is breathing on his own, but he is on a ventilator in order that he receive assistance in breathing, and in order that he receive air which is richer in oxygen than normal air. Mike’s heart is beating strong and steadily. We may praise God for Mike’s good physical health, strength, and youth, all of which give him a better chance for recovery.

Mike’s primary challenges right now do not appear to be related to his bodily health, as much as to his neurological health – the health of his brain. We pray and watch for signs of neurological recovery. Mike is responsive to touch, and he will react to sensations, even by movement of his body. While this movement is a positive first step, it is important to understand that his movements are, at this time, of a basic grade of neurological response, and that we must pray for a higher level of response (which will indicate a restoration of higher brain function). This may take some time, and we must be faithful. We MUST believe. Mk 11:23-24.

So, while there IS cause for praise and thanks to our Lord, there is also urgent need for fervent and ongoing prayer. Mike has sustained an extremely severe brain injury at the site of the hemorrhage, and at the brain stem. The injury relates to the bleeding, and to the necessary surgical intervention, but most notably to the pressure which built up before surgery could relieve that pressure. As these words are written, on the evening of March 23rd (Mike’s 34th birthday), the simple truth is that the full extent of the damage is unknown and unknowable even to Mike’s surgeons.

We are being told that, right now, we must wait to see how Mike will respond to the surgery and to the treatment he now receives which stabilizes him and maintains those conditions which best support the healing propensity of his own body. The medical professionals around him have worked hard to remove the obstacles which medical science allows them to remove, in order that Mike’s brain can now recover.

Praying is the most important thing which we can do for Mike at this time — specifically, praying for better and better neurological responsiveness, for the eventual full return of higher brain function and consciousness.

The need for prayer is urgent and continual, as these early stages are viewed to be extremely critical to Mike’s long-term recovery outlook. Be assured that Mike and Michelle KNOW that they have your love and support. There continues to be an overwhelming outpouring of support from around the country.

Please let us also now overwhelm Heaven with prayer — faithful, unceasing, and expectant prayer. And let our persistence be unyielding, as we take guidance from Luke 11:8.

Know that this is the most precious and the most needed gift which you can give to Mike and Michelle.

God bless you all. We love you, and we thank you.

“Again I tell you, if two of you join your voices on earth to pray for anything whatever, it shall be granted you by my Father in heaven. Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst.” Matt 18:19

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3.23.06, 9:00 a.m.

From an email last night from Dan Zegarski, Mike's brother:

We are putting together a chronology / statement, concerning the events leading up to Mike's injury, and describing his condition, needs, etc., which I will email to you – hopefully tomorrow.Stay in prayer, of course. Thank you.

Stay tuned. . .  

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