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3.22.06, 2:20 p.m. (EST)

This is Kevin Reeve posting.  Just got off the phone with Dan Zegarski, who related the following:  The biggest prayer at the moment for Mike is about his lung functioning.  Doctors had to increase his oxygen last night.  At this point, they are not forecasting anything but want to wait until 5 days have passed to have a better idea of how he is doing, see how he bounces back from trauma of the surgery yesterday.  No tests being conducted today.  The earliest an angiogram might take place is tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday.

The nurse was clear: Mike is fighting for his life right now, not just because of the injury of the aneurysm, but also how that damage translates to his organs because of the effect on the communication to them from the brain.

Dan added, though, “We have a lot to be thankful for, and lots to pray for.”

Michelle has been, in Dan’s words, an “Abrams tank,” solid as a rock. 

As with any future posts, this post may be commented on, and any comments are welcome.  Please feel free to pass this site’s link on to anyone who knows Mike or even if they do not and are just following this in prayer. 

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